Love, Me

Inspired by an iconic thread of advice on an internal Wieden listserv, we asked women in the agency to tell their young selves what they needed to hear that would’ve made all the difference.

Love, Me is a love letter to all the little yous.

Not that metrics are everything or anything, but the promo got more views than any other video WKNY has posted in the last three years. Even more than the McDonald’s Cardi B meal. Wow.

It was an honor to have been trusted with the stories, traumas, joys, and relics from the childhoods of over 150 women at the agency.

Made at WKNY with Funmi Adejobi, Kristin Gladney, Marieme Sall, Malithi Gunawardena, Matt Burke, Maliyamungu Muhande and many many others.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is more than cable for less than cable.

With Alex McClelland, Jake Thompson, and Cara Hanson.
Directed by Alex Prager.

Ford Bronco Rocket League

Rocket League is a video game where cars play soccer with a flaming orb as the ball. We launched the Ford Bronco to this insane video game Rocket League with Bryan Cranston on VO.

With Cara Hanson

Mustang With No Name

Ford asked the internet to name a product package for its iconic Mustang, and tens of thousands of fans submitted names. With $0, this campaign generated more than 90k engagements across social.

We started out by posting a series of cryptic teasers.

Then we made a microsite that collected the 200k numbers of name suggestions.

The fan-submitted names were narrowed to 4 finalists, Alastor, Shadowmare, and Shadow Stallion, and Nite Pony.

Unfortunately for us, our good friends at Ford ended up picking the name we threw in as comic relief. Which elicited a whole lot more engagement (aka angry Mustangheads).

Nonetheless, introducing the Mustang Nite Pony.

Made with Cara Hanson